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Crab and Winkle Workshops

Materials: Wilow

Approx size: 6 x 2.5Metres

Location: whitstable community college, Kent


Date: 2001

This workshop took its inspiration from the Crab and Winkle Way. The Cycleway and footpath follows the route of the now dissused railway designed by Stephenson, famous for the "rocket" locamotive. The trail has artworks sited througout and cuts through a range of landscapes ranging from fields and woodlands to an urban and seaside location.

The students brainstormed ideas around the theme and then made drawings using charcoal before weaving their willow designs.
The willow drawings were constructed into the shape of a railway bridge either side of a main walkway used by the pupils at the school,The willow was recently cut prior to the workshop and will grow on site and be anually woven and pruned back into the shape