About Tim Norris


Ethelbert Primary school

Materials: sweet chestnut,found
forest materials

Location: Kings Wood, Kent.

Date: 2001

The theme for this series of workshops was the Forest, a natural haven for wildlife and nature.
The aim of this project was to introduce participants of the workshop to the woodland experience, exploring nature through art. The project was designed to be a learning experience where every one had the opportunity to create their own temporary works. The forest and the sited sculptures were to provide the inspiration for the participants' art works, these were made using found materials gathered from Kings Wood.

Kings wood is the location for the Stour Valley Arts , where international artists have sited permanent work throughout the woods as part of an established sculpture program.The children were able to look at and be inspired by the existing sculptures
Using natural twine to tie together the different elements of their web.
Four spider webs were built in total and hung up on display.
The children were encouraged to imagine what insects may be trapped in their webs. Forest materials were then used to make spiders and various insects and added to their constructed webs.

Drawing in the forest.
After hunting down and collecting a selection of different leaves, the children identified their finds and recorded them on large sheets of paper.
Drawing materials ranged from lumps of chalk, charcoal, leaf sap and mud